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Selling a copy of two Rei singles in my journal!
19 Sep 2009 • 10:57pm

I don't know if this is allowed (I couldn't find anything about sales posts in the rules) so if it is just let me know and I'll get rid of it :)

I'm selling a copy of the first DUSTZ single, Future/ENDLESS BLUE/Rain, as well as his character single from Princess Princess D, in my journal over here, so if you've been interested in snagging a copy of your own but didn't want to pay the $20+ with shipping that CDJapan would cost, grab it from me! ;)
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07 Aug 2009 • 08:28pm

mood  • frustrated

I did this wallpaper from an image from Ray's official website, but I feel there is something lacking in the part I marked (se picture). Can somebody help me with what to do there? I'm pretty new to making wallpapers and all I've got is Corel Paint Shop Pro X and a no good mouse.

Click here for the original wallpaperCollapse )

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Oretachi wa Tenshi Da! 3-4
27 Jul 2009 • 10:04am

Just a heads up: I've updated this post with download links for episodes 3 and 4 of OreTen. This drama just gets funnier and more awesome every episode. Enjoy!
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DUSTZ: 2nd major single!
24 Jul 2009 • 06:46pm

Or I think that's what it says anyway. I remember stumbling upon an interview of theirs and they said that they would be releasing their next single in the fall though, so I can't be too wrong...

So, it looks like DUSTZ will be releasing their second major single in October. The song "Brilliant Day" was used as an insert song in the 4th episode of Oretachi wa Tenshi da! NO ANGEL NO LUCK, which just aired on the 22nd.


EDIT: (because it's nice having information all in one spot 8D)

The specific release date is scheduled for October 7th!

Catalog Number: ESCL3289
Price: ¥1,020 (tax included)
1. Brilliant Day
Lyrics: Ray
Composition: DUSTZ
Arrangement: BOND×L!TH!UM
Lyrics: Jacques Mardochee Charles, Francois Paul Leon Pruvost, Lucien Jean Boyer
Composition: Jose Padilla Sanchez
Arrangement: BOND×L!TH!UM
© by Editions Francis Salabert S.A.

Brilliant Day is an insert song for the drama Oretachi wa Tenshi da! NO ANGEL NO LUCK while CA C'EST PARIS is a cover song.

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Dustz signed to Sony!
05 Apr 2009 • 09:45am

Rei's band, Dustz, has been signed to Sony and they have a new look for the webpage (it took awhile for it to load for me):

I'm loving the psychedelic effect. XD
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PuriPuri D roleplaying community
02 Nov 2008 • 09:00pm

mood  • nervous

Hi minna!

I just created puripurid_rp,
a Semi-AU role playing community revolving
around the dorama Princess Princess D.

So everyone interested in roleplaying AND
Princess Princess D... please join! X3

Crossposted at several communities. m(__)m
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Dustz single
20 Feb 2008 • 11:34am

Out on 03/26/08, Dustz debut will be released. "Future, ENDLESS BLUE, Rain".
It can be preordered:
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Dustz release
29 Dec 2007 • 04:36pm

According to the announcement below, Rei's band Dustz is finally going to have a CD debut in 2008:

Dustz CD 2008年春リリース!

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Garo to hit the U.S. shores!
04 Apr 2007 • 04:35pm

According to Total Licensing Magazine, Garo has been licensed for American release. At this time there is not any other additional details available(e.i. release date or who has license to Garo). This is great news!
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25 Mar 2007 • 04:55am

I'm not sure if anyone else has found these, but just in case, here are two fanlistings run by gekidasa for Suzumura Rei and Fujita Ray. ^^

Cross-posted to garo_d
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07 Jan 2007 • 04:11pm

Does anyone have any information about Rei's band DUSTZ?
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[Mod Post] Tags vs Memories
03 Nov 2006 • 06:50pm

mood  • hungry

Starting today, we're doing away with community memories. Since we use a nice tag system, it's really doing twice the work for the same effect. Memories can just be a hassle.

So, you'll see in the navigation bar on the right, a list of tags. If you need to find something specific, just head on over there, and it'll get you to where you want to go.

On a side note, we have 38 members. Yay! Thank you all for your support, and for your support for Fujita-san. I hope this community continues to grow along with his career.

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happy birthday michel!
05 Sep 2006 • 11:09pm

.... i can't believe nobody posted anything yet! anyways it's been long since ray celebrated his 18th birthday!

happy birthday!!!!!
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New Layout
03 Sep 2006 • 05:37am

mood  • accomplished

Well everyone I made a new layout for the community! Take a look and tell me what you think?

If there's any problems you have with it let me know and I'll try to make the proper adjustments.

Also, if there are any related links you guys could provide, mind helping me out? My mind is completely drawing a blank right now. XD

So! I hope you like it. =)


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[MOD] Clarification on FanFiction
31 Aug 2006 • 12:50am

mood  • relieved

Sorry I had to post about this. But a rule concerning fanfiction has been brought to my attention.

So I ask everyone, can you please be sure to lock fanfiction as well? Just to be safe.

That is all.

Thank you everyone, and continue having fun in the community. Lets keep it alive and growing. :D


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